Welcome to VoidTree

VoidTree is a friendly, semi-vanilla, economy-driven Towny survival Minecraft server. Hard Mode.

Phight the Phantoms!

Minecraft Version: 1.18.2

Server Location: Atlanta, GA, US (UTC-5)

Newtown inn with resources for new players
Welcome home!
Pride Slide
A view of green out of red and black Spawn
Season 2 Spawn
  • How to Download Your Builds
    A new season is on the horizon. This means a new world untouched by players, but it doesn’t have to mean losing everything you built last season.
  • Season Two, We Will Miss You
    As at least some of you have noticed, Mojang has officially announced that Minecraft 1.19 will arrive June 7. So does that mean that we reset on June 7? Nope! We have to wait until the plugins required to run VoidTree are also updated, and that usually takes about four weeks, barring any surprises.
  • Money Stuff, Code Stuff
    I’ve been withdrawing quarterly from Patreon, because the fees are a bit lower. I just completed a quarterly withdrawal, and I’d like to update everyone on our cash flow. Also, we have some patch notes.
  • Altar Build Party
    Several players have asked us what a valid altar looks like. Amazingly, a valid altar can look like lots of things. We’re having a build party so we can try out different altar designs. Pictures of some of these builds will be examples on the web site.
  • Altar Upgrade
    Four altars are not enough!
  • Are You Not Entertained?
    If you’ve played a city simulator, you know that every thriving community needs an entertainment district where people can engage in loud, disreputable activities like dancing and playing with laggy redstone contraptions without disturbing the peace of residential areas. Coming soon to a Minecraft server near you: VoidTree’s Casino and associated builds, west of spawn.