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VoidTree is a friendly, semi-vanilla, economy-driven Towny survival Minecraft server. Hard Mode.

Phight the Phantoms!

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  • New Custom Content Drop: Altars
    What do you do after you’ve got all the toys in Minecraft and phighting the phantoms is no longer a big thrill? You petition the mysterious gods of VoidTree for special boons to enhance your gaming experience, that’s what.
  • We Have Cows!
    The latest poll resulted in a three-way tie between cow, […]
  • Minecraft 1.18 Announced. What’s next?
    The official announcement of Caves & Cliffs Part 2 is out, and it’s expected to drop on November 30.
  • VoidTree Non-Easter Non-Egg Hunt
    In our ongoing effort to bring you new ways to have fun without having to code them from scratch, we’ve hidden thirty non-Easter non-eggs around spawn. If people have enough fun, we’ll do it next season.
  • Breaking Some Spawn Eggs
    It’s time once again to vote on adding a new spawn egg to the Phantom Vendor. In honor of the occasion I added poll capability to our web site.
  • Vote early, vote often.
    This post is to give you a peek behind the scenes at voting. Voting is something that you tend not to notice until you forget it or something goes wrong.