Welcome to VoidTree

VoidTree is a friendly, semi-vanilla, economy-driven Towny survival Minecraft server. Hard Mode.

Phight the Phantoms!

The VoidTree
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Phantom Arena Dawn
Phantom Event Arena
  • New Spawn Eggs
    The winners of the last spawn egg poll are slimes (30 VoidCoins) and zombified piglins (50 VoidCoins).
  • Solidified Support Policies
    We’re moving towards Open Beta. That means we’re cleaning up bugs and looking busy. One overdue change is that we have codified our policies for supporting our players and written up a web page where you can all admire our coherence and commitment.
  • Move Complete
    We have finished moving for the third and (hopefully) the last time. No more “out of memory” crashes. As a result, the cost of running VoidTree has more than doubled.
  • Pick Fixes
    I would like to thank Blucas/Bluedummy who told us that the TAB can break bedrock. We just patched that out. But I have some good news.
  • New Spawn Eggs
    A few weeks ago we added three spawn eggs to the items for sale from Winter, the phantom arena vendor.
  • Shop minigame enhancements
    I think that virtual economy is the best Minecraft minigame ever. If you agree with me, you’ll really like the plugin we just installed.