Altar Build Party

Several players have asked us what a valid altar looks like. Amazingly, a valid altar can look like lots of things. We’re having a build party so we can try out different altar designs. Pictures of some of these builds will be examples on the web site.

This is not a contest. It’s a party. That means everyone wins. To go there, /warp altar_party.

Here are the rules.

  • The build party starts on May 11, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT.
  • The build party ends on May 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT.
  • All materials are provided.
  • If you want to discuss the party in Discord, we made an #altar-party channel just for the purpose.
  • Participants will build their interpretation of altars, as few as one and as many as five (one for each type).
  • Build one altar in each square sub-plot.
  • You MUST use all the materials provided, but you may use other materials too if you want to decorate or get clever.
  • If you want to participate, ask in #altar-party any time on or after Wednesday, May 11, and a staff member will assign you a plot.
  • Your reward for participating is five VoidCoins for each altar built up to five, and you get to keep the shulker boxes.