Hard difficulty is hard! VoidTree uses several plugins that make your life more pleasant, including many favorites you know and love from other servers.

Duck Mountain Shrine
Duck Mountain Shrine


  • /help This command lists all of the other commands you have permissions to use.
  • /disposal Toss your junk without dangerous lava or cacti. Be careful–once it’s gone it’s gone!
  • /wild Teleport to a random location. There is a twenty minute cooldown.
  • Teleport. All of your familiar teleport commands are available. Type “/help teleport” for details.
  • /spawn Brings you to spawn, of course.
  • /home Go home, or /homes to list all of your homes.
  • /sethome <name-of-home> and /delhome <name-of-home> to set or delete a home.
  • /rules Check the server rules any time.
  • /time No need to carry a clock!


  • /w Whisper to another player.
  • /ignore Ignore a player.
  • /list Lists all online players
  • /afk Sets you to away from keyboard.
  • /me <message> Emotes.

Chat Channels

VoidTree uses the plugin VentureChat to make chat channels. Like most such plugins, it’s powerful and sometimes complicated. Here’s a summary.

You change the channel where your chat appears with the command /ch <channelname>. Here are the channels you need to know about:

  • Local. This is the channel you want to be in most of the time. If you ever get “lost” in chat, type /ch local.
  • Town. To talk to only people in your town, /ch town.
  • Nation. Similar to town, but the whole nation.
  • Global. In global you can talk to people all of the servers. Right now we only have survival and the lobby. Do /ch global to say hi to people who just joined and are still in the fishbowl.


  • /balance How much money do you have?
  • /pay Give someone money.
  • /baltop Who has all the money?

Defense of the Realm

  • We use Towny to manage claims.
    • All new members automatically join Newtown. You don’t have to stay there, but it will help you get started.
    • Return to your town with /town spawn. The local shortcut is /tspawn.
    • Type /town to see a summary of your town status.
    • If your town has taxes, they will be deducted automatically.
    • You can deposit cash into your town with /town deposit.
    • You can view a list of towns with /town list.
    • To visit a public town, type /town spawn <town name>.
  • The plugin LWC gives you complete control over who accesses your chests, doors, trapdoors, furnaces and other blocks. LWC is powerful and has many commands and features. For the full list, see the link. Here are the most useful ones.
    • Any chest you place is locked to you by default.
    • Lock a chest or other block by typing /lock and left-clicking it.
    • Unlock a locked chest by typing /unlock and left-clicking it.
    • /cpassword creates a password lock that will be applied to the next chest you left-click. Anyone with the password can open the chest and take items
    • Add another player to the access list for a chest by typing /cmodify <name>, and then left-clicking the chest.


VoidTree has two different kinds of shops.

  • /shop Use this command to open the server shop window. You can use this shop anywhere, any time. Sell off all that cobble while you are mining, or buy a few rare blocks to finish your build.
  • /sellall <item> This command sells all of an item from your inventory. Typing /sellall with no arguments will sell everything in your inventory that can be sold. Be careful with this command as there are no refunds.
  • Want to set up your own shop to buy and sell items to other players? You can using ChestShop. Set your prices to better than the server /shop and watch your business grow.
  • To check your chest shop transaction history, use /csn history. Typing /csn without arguments will tell you more about your shops.