Announcing Season 2

All good things end, and that includes the world we built together. Long live VoidTree Season 2!


We currently have the cut-over scheduled on or about December 21 (it was going to be Dec 20 but I have a D&D game that evening). That means that VoidTree will be down on that day while we move a lovingly-prepped new world into place and make sure that it works.

This date is subject to change because real world.

How Big?

There are some things we didn’t know when we brought up VoidTree Season 1. One of those things is the importance of pre-generating the world to keep the performance snappy as people move around and cause previously ungenerated chunks to load. This season we are pregenerating the world, which means setting a fixed size and doing all the generation work ahead of time. That means that once the world is up you won’t be able to move infinitely in all directions. It’s one of those tradeoffs we have to live with. A typical public Minecraft server is 10,000 blocks in all direction. VoidTree 2 will probably be bigger than that, but we’re still calculating the time required to pregen a world and the disk space that the resulting files will consume.

Voting Rewards

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been saving my voting packages until Season 2. We’ve had a lively discussion about the effects of having a bunch of diamonds and ancient debris appearing from nothing right away. We’ve decided to balance voting rewards by adding more things to the material rewards category that will be at the beginning of the season. This is an easy change for Solly to code, and we can make it fun.

Iron will be useful, and so are various food items. We are interested in your ideas and will be asking for feedback on Discord.

Downloading your stuff

If you want copies of your stuff, there are mods you can install in your Minecraft client that allow you to walk through your build and create a save file that you can load up any time for nostalgia purposes. If there is an interest in this, we’ll sort out which version of what plugin you need and give you some clues to make it go smoothly.

Support Reminder

Running VoidTree costs money. You can make one-time or recurring donations to support the endeavor.