Are You Not Entertained?

If you’ve played a city simulator, you know that every thriving community needs an entertainment district where people can engage in loud, disreputable activities like dancing and playing with laggy redstone contraptions without disturbing the peace of residential areas. Coming soon to a Minecraft server near you: VoidTree’s Casino and associated builds, west of spawn.

Technical Details

Recently we’ve heard that our players want to create some badass builds to entertain each other, and we need a better place for this than Newtown. Why? Because redstone is a major drag on server performance.

If you build redstone at your own base, it gets unloaded when you log out. Newtown is loaded into memory and fully operational all the time whether people are in it or not. This isn’t a problem for us yet, but it will be soon. Nobody wants to see server performance collapse when we have more players.

Furthermore the one-chunk plot size limit really cramps people’s style. Newtown was set up to give us particular features, but it’s not the right place for everything.

How to Participate

We haven’t finalized the exact details, but I’m going to go ahead and tell you what we’ve determined.

  • The casino, landscaping and background scenery builds are being handled by staff. We appreciate the offers of help, but we’ve got this part covered.
  • If you want something included in the casino and surrounding areas, build it in survival mode first. We will evaluate your build and copy it in if it works for us.
  • All redstone MUST have an off switch. No exceptions.
  • Not everything will fit inside the casino, though we can expand it if needed. There will be space outside for different types and sizes of builds.
  • Odds or evens? The casino is an odd number of blocks in most dimensions that count. While a chunk is always 16 blocks on a side, you may want to build so that the center of your masterpiece lines up with the center line of the casino.
  • We expect to copy the entertainment district into subsequent season servers so your build can persist through 1.19 and beyond, assuming it works when upgraded.

More details when we figure them out.