New Spawn Eggs

A few weeks ago we added three spawn eggs to the items for sale from Winter, the phantom arena vendor. We have a list of creature spawn eggs that we are considering putting up for sale. You get to choose which eggs.

What type of spawn eggs would you like to see in Winter’s inventory? Use this link to vote. Choose as many as you like and then click ‘Vote.’ The top two will be added to the phantom vendor inventory for players to buy with VoidCoins.


Voting for VoidTree

Since we added in the option to vote last week, we’ve had various issues with it not working while offline, rewards not working, etc.

I am happy to announce that voting for VoidTree has been tested and works on all 4 links, regardless of whether you’re actually online while you vote. You can open your rewards packages with /openpackage.


What’s new with Phantom Events this week?

We’ve been hard at work on improving the Phantom Events for everyone. To make them more available to our players, we’re hosting a bonus event this Monday, September 6th. So, what’s new with this event?

  • New weapon: Slayer Sword
  • New potion: Flight potion
  • New phantom: Kamikaze phantom
  • The Mother-of-all-Phantoms now drops bombs on players and has 3x the HP

We hope everyone can make it. The event is taking place at 2:00 UTC (22:00 Eastern). See you there!