Bug Fixes and New Toys

I’ve got a short list of changes to our custom code base. Not listed here: some behind the scenes stuff that makes everything else work. But it’s really cool. Trust me on this.

Altar Updates

  • Fixed a bug that occurred if your town was deleted due to nonpayment and you started a new town.
  • The gods of VoidTree are fickle, but sometimes they notice when you make a sacrifice. Added a small percentage chance of receiving a random reward when you complete a sacrifice. Note: right now you might not get a reward if your inventory is full. We have plans to change this, but you are warned.
  • New boon: Blessing of the Slime. If this boon is on, you will not take fall damage inside of your town. You will bounce. Try it. It’s fun! Just make sure if you throw yourself off a roof you land inside your town.

Custom Item Changes

  • New Item! Foliage Axe. You’re a lumberjack and you’re OK!
  • TAB fix: added code that prevents TAB from breaking containers.