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VoidTree also has a single-time contribution framework on Ko-Fi. Details here.

In the Bank
A full bank account

How much does VoidTree cost to run?

$26.67 per month

Where does the money go?

Most of the expense is for managed Minecraft hosting. A small amount covers the cost of a cloud-based Linux machine that provides web, email and other services. The web page you are looking at right now is served up from that Linux machine.

The most expensive resource in cloud services is RAM. Minecraft soaks up lots and lots of RAM, so much so that once you price out how much RAM you need, everything else like bandwidth and unlimited simultaneous player connections is pretty much included.

That’s not very much money. Why should I donate?

  1. New toys! We initially planned to include a creative server for players to practice their builds and make things that are impractical in survival. This plan is on hold. We’ll be happy to move forward with a creative server if we get donations to cover it for a while.
  2. Improvements to stability and development! We’d like to fully test VoidTree’s custom code before pushing it out to the live survival server. To do that we need a staging server with the same configuration as the survival server. Right now we test on a server at someone’s house, and it’s not quite the same.
  3. Smoother transitions between seasons! We can better test our custom code base on 1.18 using a QA set-up identical to the live one rather than, say, a server running at Proton’s house.
  4. Better hosting! Because of quirks in the cloud hosting pricing structure, RAM costs about twice as much in “bare metal” Linux hosting as it does in managed Minecraft hosting. If we move the servers from managed hosting to a general-purpose Linux machine, we’ll have more tools for clean maintenance and automation, not to mention fewer surprising bugs from management consoles. Update: We’re moving off of managed hosting because while the price/G on managed hosting is lower, it turns out that you need more ram because managed hosting doesn’t give you any flexibility on how that memory is used. This is the cause of our recent crashes. It is imperative that we improve stability before public beta.