First Ever Actual Egg Hunt

We are pleased to announce our first ever Spring (in the northern hemisphere) egg hunt. We hide the eggs, and you find them. Click on the brightly colored, oddly cubic little things hidden around Spawn and get fabulous prizes.

We’re using an existing plug-in written by someone else to provide the egg functions. We’ve tested it, and we think we understand it, but we could always be wrong. Isn’t this exciting? You know where to report bugs.

A rainbow striped cubic "egg" Minecraft Style, sitting on the ground.
Eggs look like this.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • There are fifty (50) eggs total.
  • The hunt starts on the afternoon of April 10 after a short downtime and will end on April 24 at 11:59pm Eastern time.
  • The eggs are located in Spawn or Newtown. Remember that spawn is pretty big. Any part of Spawn or Newtown might have an egg, including the Phantom Arena and some locations you probably haven’t visited since you first logged in. No eggs will be located in player-built parts of Newtown.
  • Prizes are valuable, silly, or vaguely spring-like, including rare standard items, custom items, and VoidCoins. In addition, each egg you find will award you $2,000 of in-game currency.
  • The eggs are instantiated per player. That is, each player can find each and every egg. You’re not competing with anyone.
  • All eggs are reachable without flying. No eggs are hidden in absolute darkness. You may have to get a little clever to find or reach some of them, though.
  • If your inventory is full, the prizes are supposed to drop on the ground, but we recommend that you empty your inventory periodically just in case. Finding several eggs may fill you up quickly.
  • You are completely allowed to tell other people where to find eggs, but do not spoil the information for others unless you are asked.
  • We are opening a new channel on Discord just for the egg hunt. Any discussion of egg locations should happen in the #egg-hunt channel.
  • Want to know how many eggs you have found so far? /ee found.