First Inaugural VoidTree Survival Build Competition: Winners

Our first build competition was judged by our friends 1Foy, MCAlmound, and Black_Knight_L. All three of them have played here, if not much recently. None of them are staff.

Third Place: CatBoyCrimes

A kraken attacks a poor, innocent sailboat!

Big red tentacles seize a boat, above water.
Look out!
Underwater shot of big red tentacles as they seize a helpless boat.
The Kraken seizes a boat.

Second Place: Sinfultendency

This build appears to be an evil mastermind submarine base with some stylish interior decorating and nuclear magma drive.

Interior of submarine base, filled with water, with furniture details and banners
A home away from home for the discerning villain.
Side-on shot of underwater base interior, showing amethyst shard floor.
All the best in evil genius decor.
Bright magma "engine" to the submarine base.
The submarine base “engine.”

First Place: Goldenmagnoly

A tiny tropical island with some big secrets hiding underwater. I wasn’t a judge, so I’ll take the opportunity to say that my favorite part of this build was using jack-o-lanterns for lighting. Very clever.

Tiny tropical island with a tent and sailboat. Enderdragon and lighthouse in the background.
This looks like a castaway paradise.
Treasure stash inside the island, diamond and emerald blocks.
The desert island’s underwater treasure chamber.
Giant underwater red and orange crab with claws bigger than you.
The island rests on a giant crab.

Shots with Shaders

Interior shot of underwater base, details and furniture, shaders on. Ripples.
Sinfultendency’s build with shaders on.
Kraken and submarine shot with shaders on, rippling water.
A shaders-on view of a kraken eating an unfortunate sailboat. Submarine base in the background.
Shaders-on view of small desert island. Kraken in the background. Ripply water
Shaders-on view of desert island and kraken.
Shaders-on shot of the big red/orange crap the desert island travels on.
This crab is hardcore.