How to be a Chat Master

VoidTree provides a number of chat channels. As usual, something that is powerful may also be complicated and hard to learn (or remember). As we have a few more people playing now and chat can get busy, I’m going to give you a handy overview.

Change Your Channel

Once you set your channel, you will stay there until you change it again. You change your channel with the /ch <channelname> command.

By default you are in channel local. It’s the chat that everyone on the server can see, and probably where you want to talk most of the time.

You may be familiar with the channel global from large public servers. Chat in global will show up on every server. As VoidTree has only two servers, survival and lobby, and people don’t hang out in the lobby much, global is not very useful. Maybe some day we’ll be so big that we need multiple servers.

If you ever get stuck in a chat channel where you don’t want to be, change to local with /ch local or /ch l for short.

Start the Party

Any player can start a party chat. Party chat is handy if you want to talk to just a couple of people while you work on something together but keep the messages out of local chat, which can get crowded some times.

You can see the full list of party commands by typing /party help. Here are a few to get you started.

  • /party host. Start the party! If you type it again, you are no longer hosting.
  • /party join <player name>. Join an existing party.
  • /party chat. Toggles party chat on. Typing it again toggles party chat off.
  • /party <message>. Types one line to party chat.
  • /party kick and /party ban. If someone joins your party and you don’t want them there, you can kick or ban them. Note: it’s not ideal that people can just join rather than be invited. I would have done it differently. We live with imperfection.

Town Chat

Towny provides a town chat facility.

  • /ch town. Toggle to town chat.
  • /ch nation. Just like town chat, only for a nation, if you have one.


Typing /w <username> will send a message to one person, and will chime for them.

You can reply to a whisper with /reply. If you are whispering with multiple people, it’s very easy to reply to the wrong person. That’s why I talk on Discord if I have anything lengthy to say to one person.

Best Chat Manners

Here are some useful rules for keeping chat friendly.

  • Remember that swearing is allowed, but swearing at people is not. When in doubt, tone it down in public chat. You can always say anything you’d like in a private chat on Discord.
  • VoidTree has a chat filter, but it only filters a few things that we find unacceptable. Please don’t test it or say anything that will cause a staff member to have to clear the chat.
  • Try to reply to someone in the same channel in which they address you. If they talk in local, reply in local. If they talk in party, reply in party.
  • If someone messes up and wrong-chats, be gentle with them. We all make mistakes.

Minecraft is Not Private!

Like it says in the /rules, chats on VoidTree are not private. Everything that happens gets written to the log, and we read the logs to make sure everything is working properly and to trouble-shoot user problems.

If you want to say something privately to someone, do so outside of Minecraft.