How to Download Your Builds

A new season is on the horizon. This means a new world untouched by players, but it doesn’t have to mean losing everything you built last season.

We can’t upload our world this season (too big!), but Mircokroon has been kind enough to make a program that downloads the world as you walk around in it. We’ve put together a short guide on how to use it on a Windows computer. The process isn’t all that different for other operating systems, so feel free to follow along with the video (or the written guide below).

Video Guide

Here are some links that you’ll need in order to follow along with the video

Written Guide

Download and install Java 17 (or above)

To begin, you’ll need a working Java installation (either 17 or greater). Here’s a link to where you can download Java 17 if you don’t already have it installed. Feel free to use other resources, such as a package manager. Download and run the installer for your OS.

Download and run the Minecraft World Downloader

Now that you have a working Java installation, download the Minecraft World Downloader. Here’s a link to where you can get it. If you’re on Windows, you probably want the .exe. Any operating system can use the .jar file.

Make sure you have Minecraft open. The stock launcher is suggested for this, though others will work with additional configuration needed. Run the world downloader, then navigate to the “Connection” tab along the top. In the “Server address” blank, enter and press Start.

Connect to the local proxy

Launch Minecraft, then click “Multiplayer.” Rather than connecting to the server itself, click “Direct Connection” at the bottom, and enter localhost:25565 into the “Server address” field. Finally, click “Join Server”

Walk around!

You should be able to walk around and interact with your copy of VoidTree like you normally do. While you’re doing this, keep an eye on the world downloader window. It should appear to draw a map centered around you as you walk. This map will be initially shaded red, but will gradually turn into the proper color of the terrain. Once it has done so, that area of the map is saved.

Your next job is to walk around to save all of the areas that you want a local copy of. Remember: if you don’t visit somewhere with the world downloader running, it won’t be saved. Be sure to give the map displayed inside the world downloader time to update (the red shading will update to proper terrain). After you’ve saved everything, close Minecraft. Wait a moment or two, then close the world downloader.

Move the saved files to your Singleplayer worlds

Now that you’ve saved all of those regions, the next step is to move them to your Minecraft singleplayer worlds folder so that you can access your copy. Head to the directory that you ran the world downloader in (this is likely your Downloads folder). You should notice that the program has created two new folders: cache, and world. Copy the world folder to your singleplayer saves directory.

For Windows users, this is located at %appdata%\.minecraft\saves.

For Linux users, this is located at ~/.minecraft/saves.

For MacOS users, this is located at ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves.

Copy the world folder there, and you’re good to go! You should be able to access it as a singleplayer world now.

You’re done!

Good job! Try to join your singleplayer world, and you should notice that it has a copy of all the places where you visited with the world downloader active. You may have to teleport yourself to some of them using coordinates. The command is as follows:

/teleport <my username> <x> <y> <z>

See you in the next season!