Money Stuff, Code Stuff

I’ve been withdrawing quarterly from Patreon, because the fees are a bit lower. I just completed a quarterly withdrawal, and I’d like to update everyone on our cash flow. Also, we have some patch notes.


The net withdrawal after fees was:


That works out to


As you may recall, our total expenses per month are $72.99. This means we’re $20 in the hole every month. This is exceptionally good cash flow for a public Minecraft server these days, and I absolutely do not mind the outlay. I’m not sure how I could have this much fun otherwise for a mere $20/month.

We started running VoidTree in June of 2021. The exact date Proton first brought up a server for us to play with is lost to history, but we’re marking June 25 as our official anniversary, because that’s the date of the first “card” in our issue tracking system (we were discussing what to name this place).

For the last almost year, my total expenses are $179.48. Again, this is very good for a public Minecraft server. Extra thanks to Solly for keeping our accounting spreadsheet organized, as it’s very important for me to prove to the tax people that I’m not making any money on this.


If enough people join, our current setup may not support them all without some lag. We have a plan for this. When regular contributions increase sufficiently, we’ll double our Linode bill. We’ll use the additional resources to bring up a creative server alongside the survival server and rejigger what runs where. As our current Linode bill is $60/month, that will mean an increase to of the Linode bill to $120/month and the total bill to $132.99/month.

My current plan is for the creative server to get triggered when we hit about $90/month in Patreon contributions, leaving me with about $40/month to cover, an amount with which I’m completely comfortable considering I may be otherwise picking up slack when contributors depart.

Change Log

Solly has been at it again. Some changes:

  • If you do a /findshop and click to teleport, you will be dropped in front of the right chest shop if it is in Newtown, and you will be facing the sign.
  • Added The Bee Lord’s Wand to Winter’s shop.
  • Added bat eggs to Winter’s shop.
  • Fixed many and various errors in altar code. Thanks for helping us debug, folks.