New Custom Content Drop: Altars

What do you do after you’ve got all the toys in Minecraft and phighting the phantoms is no longer a big thrill? You petition the mysterious gods of VoidTree for special boons to enhance your gaming experience, that’s what.

We’re been coding, testing and documenting behind the scene since August, and we have just now pushed the first version of VoidTree Altars to the main server so that you can take it for a spin over the upcoming holidays.

Build an altar in your town, activate it, and start gathering materials for sacrifices.

The full documentation for Altars is right here.

While I came up with the initial idea for Altars (I borrowed it from some other game actually), Sollybird did all the heavy lifting, cranking out over 3000 lines of Java code while dealing with real life. MindfulProtons helped out with database configuration, advice and testing, and, as always, deserves special mention for his work behind the scenes supporting the playground for our toys.

Solly and I will be standing by to take your bug reports. We anticipate expanding to more altar types and more boons once the first version is stable.

This is the last custom content drop you will see this “season.” Our next trick will be transitioning to Minecraft version 1.18.