New Custom Item, Phantom Event Changes & Fixes

Many of Solly’s custom items explode or hurl you into the Void or lava. This item is peaceful, provided by the gods of VoidTree to help you fulfill your sacrifices and make money while reducing RSI’s.

Wand of Regeneration

  • 25 coins.
  • Only looks like a stone hoe.
  • Takes 1 seed from harvested crops and uses it to replant the crop.
  • Works on wheat, beetroot, carrots, potatoes, melon/pumpkin stems, and netherwart.
  • If you right-click one of the above blocks with it, it will use bonemeal from your inventory to grow it faster. Works on all except netherwart.
  • Unbreakable.

Get yours from Winter at the Phantom Arena now!

Phantom event Changes

  • The code that drops you in front of the arena when you die actually works now.
  • This code has been expanded–when you die during a phantom event, you keep all your levels and you do not drop your items. A Phantom event is now no risk, 100% reward.
  • We no longer need to set the entire server to night time or shut off the weather for an event. Phantom Event darkness is entirely local to the Arena.
  • Events automatically terminate after twenty-five minutes (events usually take fifteen minutes).
  • Because events can auto-terminate, we feel comfortable automatically scheduling events for people on the other side of the world, even if we can’t be around to supervise. We’re going to start automatically scheduling Wednesday/Saturday events and see how it goes.


Fixed a bug with the blacksmith’s instructions text going off the screen.

As Always

Thanks to Solly for ferociously maintaining our custom code base, tracking down bugs and nuking them from orbit.