Newtown sign board at sunset
Welcome Home

The first time you connect to VoidTree you will join our default Town, called Newtown. Your chat prefix will be [NEWTOWN]. Newtown is a safe place to get started. As a member of Newtown, you are charged no taxes.

There are beds in the inn if you need one. The workshop beneath the inn has basic tools and community chests with donations to new players. Mobs don’t spawn in Newtown, and any that chase you into town will be zapped by powerful magic. Go ahead and use the farms to get started. Mine and collect resources in the surrounding areas. Excavate your residential plot to bedrock in search of diamonds.

Any Newtown resident can claim a resident plot for $0. Look for the signs to see which ones are free.

You are welcome to leave and start your own town any time, or rejoin if that’s what you want.

Newtown Rules

  • One residential plot per player.
  • To keep Newtown lag-free for all, there will be no automated farms there. No redstone clocks, and keep your hoppers to a necessary few. If you would like to build a giant wool farm, there‚Äôs plenty of space in the wilderness.
  • Surface builds must be modest and in-theme.
  • No ChestShops in Newtown. You can have all the ChestShops you want in your own town or in the Shopping District.
  • Replace what you take. Staff can tell who took what from the farms. If you consistently harvest and don’t replant, or kill all the animals, we will run you out of town for harshing our mellow.
  • Don’t leave holes in your builds that people can fall into.

Shopping District

We’ve set up a separate town with embassy plots so that anyone, resident or otherwise, can set up chest shops near Newtown.

  • Embassy plots cost $20000 to claim and $100/calendar day upkeep.
  • If you do not pay shop upkeep and we can’t reach you by Discord or email, you may lose your shop plot and everything in it, so plan ahead.
  • Only one shop plot per player. If you want a bigger shop, set one up in your own town. Use a shop plot in Newtown to advertise your town’s shop.
  • Shop plots must have active chest shops in them. Plots with no active chest shops may be reverted and made available to new players.

If the current shop plots are all used, just ask and we’ll set up more.