Phantom Events

A viking duck selling suspicious potions
The phantom vendor

The night skies of VoidTree are safe from phantoms. Yet every so often they attack from their frozen dimension through a weak spot in the world. Never fear–The Quacken have built defenses around the rift.

Fortress with ice spires, night time
Phantom Event Arena

Defeat the invasion and collect your rewards. You will earn:

  • Lots of XP. If you kill a phantom, the XP is yours automatically.
  • Phantom membranes, good for slow fall potions or to sell to /shop for cash.
  • Rare and valuable drops.
  • VoidCoins delivered straight to your inventory.
  • The top five scorers get cash and VoidCoins for prizes.

How to Participate

Phantom Events are wave-invasion events that take place at the phantom arena northeast from spawn, which can be easily accessed from /warp phantomarena or by going to /spawn and running down the gravel path.

Our current schedule is:

  • Wednesdays at 2:00 UTC (22:00 Eastern US)
  • Saturdays at 19:00 UTC (15:00 Eastern US)

Other events may be added as time and interest allow. See our Discord server for details.

Be sure to get a free insomnia potion from the phantom vendor and drink it before the event to provoke phantom attacks. Instant Health 2 potions are available for $500 from the sign shop at the side of the vendor’s booth.

See you there!