Quick Start Guide

This guide assumes that you are familiar with SMP (Survival Minecraft).

Welcome to the Fish Bowl

Tropical beach. There are turtles.
Enjoy the beach while waiting for a reboot.

VoidTree’s Lobby is a giant fishbowl. It’s there any time you want to sit and watch the turtles or jump off the diving board. After you connect to Survival, you probably won’t see the Lobby again except during a reboot (3:00 AM Eastern US time every day).

  • To travel from Lobby to Survival, click the sign or do /server survival.
  • To travel back to the Lobby, do /server lobby.

Rules Hall

When you join Survival for the first time you will land in the Rules Hall. Run through the holograms and read the rules. If you find holograms hard to read, you can also read the rules by typing /rules or looking right here.

You cannot talk until you leave the rules hall. You can return to the rules hall any time with /warp rules-hall.

At the end of the rules hall are three signs.

  • welcome-kit Click here to get a new player kit. You may only get this kit once.
  • tutorial Teleports you to our in-game Tutorial Castle, parkour course and turtle garden. You can visit the castle any time with /tutorial. You can type /spawn any time to go to spawn and start playing.
  • spawn Go directly to /spawn and start playing.

Want an easy start?

Every new player is a member of Newtown, our default town. You can leave Newtown any time to start your own town. Newtown is a mob-free area where you can collect resources and prepare to venture out to the wild. Or build a townhouse and settle in to stay. A good way to get starter resources is to claim a plot in Newtown and mine it bedrock. Just be sure to cover any open pits so that people do not fall in. If you leave later, staff will regenerate your plot so that the next person can use it.

  • Plots are 16×16 blocks (one chunk). Claim one plot for free. Stand in an unclaimed plot and type /plot claim.
  • For an express trip back to Newtown, type /tspawn (The command is actually /town spawn or /t spawn. We created an alias locally because we’re lazy typists.)
  • The Newtown Inn has beds, and the basement workshop has most of the tools you’ll need.
  • The workshop also has community chests where people leave off items for new players. Scrounge yourself some gear.
  • To leave a town (including Newtown), /town leave.

Install a Minimap Mod

You’re playing in survival mode. If you die, you may lose your stuff. To reduce your stress level, install a minimap mod that marks your last death location. We’re rather fond of Xaero’s Minimap and Xaero’s World Map. These mods are well supported and have lots of online help available should you have difficulties getting them installed.

Make Money

VoidTree is an economy server. Here are some ways to get started.

  • Everyone starts with $500 in virtual cash.
  • Sell things to /shop. Check for items and blocks that are easy to farm or gather. Egg farms are good idea. There’s an egg farm in Newtown if you’d like to see how one is built.
  • Vote. Voting helps the server and gets you fabulous prizes, including cash.