VoidTree is a friendly survival Minecraft server on hard difficulty. You’ll probably die. You are here because you want a challenge while gathering resources, building things and cooperating with others to build even bigger things.

By playing on VoidTree, you agree to our code of conduct:

  1. I will not engage in toxic, aggressive, purposefully gross, homophobic, racist (or any other “ist”) speech or behavior (i.e. “griefing”). Yes, that includes names and skins. If my idea of fun is to take fun away from other people, I will play Dark Souls instead.
  2. I will not steal, beg or use exploits such as x-ray mining. I will only use supported mods. I will not defeat the AFK logout.
  3. I will not touch anything that isn’t mine. I will build at least 200 blocks from everyone else unless they give me explicit permission to build closer.
  4. I will not trade in-game items for anything outside of the game.
  5. I will not spam, advertise, or scam players.
  6. I will not cause injury or death to another player. If I do so by accident, I will replace all lost items.
  7. I will not create unreasonable server lag. If I am not sure whether my redstone contraption, farm or animals are causing lag, I will ask staff for help.
  8. I understand that swearing is allowed but swearing at people is not. I will keep public conversations courteous and mannerly.
  9. I understand that staff may have to read private chat messages to do their jobs. I will take any conversation I do not want seen somewhere else.
  10. I will not harsh the staff’s mellow.