Search Chest Shops!

We are pleased to announce a new feature for VoidTree. You can now search player shop listings for chest shops that buy or sell items you want.

We’re all about the economy at VoidTree, so we’re happy to make it easy for you to spend funny money on virtual items.


I recommend that you skip this section if you’re not an enormous nerd.

ChestShop is the plugin that allows players to create their own shops. It may not have been the best plugin, but it’s what we’re using and it’s probably too late to regret the choice. While powerful, ChestShop does not provide the ability to search chest shops and find out who is selling what.

There are two existing plugins that provide additional features for ChestShop. One of them has a full search facility, but when we tried it out, it wrecked server performance. So we’re using the other plugin, ChestShopNotifier, which does not wreck server performance but does not have fancy search facilities, though it does inform you about shop activity when you were offline.

Obviously it would be useful if you could search shops. So Solly went and wrote it for us, because he enjoys this sort of thing.

How It Works

An example output of the /findshop command. The user is searching for /findshop dia
An example output of the /findshop command. The user is searching for /findshop dia

Use the command /findshop <itemname> with any item name or partial item name to see if it’s in a shop. Any items that match <itemname> will be listed. If there are multiple pages, you can page forward and back at the bottom of the listing.

Clicking on a listing will warp you to the town where the shop exists, if that town is public. If the town warp costs money, you will be asked to confirm that you do want to pay that much for a lift to the town warp.

Most shops right now are in Newtown, but people can put chest shops anywhere they want. Your own town is the perfect place for a sprawling mall that sells many items and shows off your building skills. If a shop is not in a town, there is no handy town warp, so those shops will not show up in a listing.

If your town is not public, people cannot warp to your town. The command /town set public will open up your town to visitors. If you want business, be public. If your shops are not near your town warp, re-set your town warp (/town set homeblock) to be close to your shops or put up signs directing people to the right place.


Our new feature only works on chest shops that were created after we installed it. If you want a chest shop to show up, you have to break the sign and re-create it.

We realize that Newtown has multiple buildings housing multiple shops by multiple people, so that warping to Newtown doesn’t help you find which shop it’s in yet. We’ll be living with this limitation, at least for now.