Season 2 Ends

On Thursday, July 7, around noon Eastern Daylight Savings Time (US) VoidTree Season 2 will end. Our last Phantom Invasion of the season will be Wednesday, July 6.

Small Changes

As we already reported, we nerfed the amount of wool you receive when using Pride Shears. After some discussion, we have nerfed the Shears one more time. When used in a dispenser, Pride Shears will now take wear as if they were Unbreaking III. This means you will have to repair or replace shears in your wool farms occasionally. Shears used by hand will not wear.

New Season Voting Rewards

As previously announced, material voting rewards will be rejiggered for season start. That means no ancient debris for the first couple of weeks.

I spent some time with a spreadsheet sorting out what rewards make sense. Given that you can always choose cash, and that /shop exists, it didn’t make any sense to give people food as the amount of food items to equal the equivalent in cash would be inconveniently large. I curated the rewards based on what would be most useful and added some items that you can’t buy from /shop.

When you choose material rewards, you will receive one of the items on the following list in amounts equal to or greater than what you’d get from taking the cash reward and buying the item:

  • Iron ingots
  • Books
  • Redstone blocks
  • Coal
  • Nether quartz
  • Lapis blocks
  • Gold ingots
  • Golden apples
  • Diamonds

Did you remember to vote every day? You get to open all of those voting packages as soon as you log in for the new season.

A Dark Cloud on the Horizon

If you closely follow Minecraft news as I do, you may have noticed that Microsoft/Mojang are planning to institute a chat moderation and ban system starting in Minecraft 1.19.1.

Nobody knows how this thing will work, apparently not even Microsoft, which has recently announced that the release of 1.19.1 has been postponed.

If you’re worried about this, you’re not the only one. So far the most visible change is Minecraft whining that there’s a problem with the cryptographic signature and asking me to restart. There will be more problems. There always are. (Highly trained moderation staff my ENTIRE BUM. Ahem.)

We do know two things.

  1. Because VoidTree, like most public servers, uses a chat plugin, your chat messages on VoidTree will not be cryptographically signed with your username. That means that VoidTree will not be the origin of a report that gets you banned from Minecraft. We think. Probably. No promises.
  2. If you get banned from public Minecraft servers because of something you do somewhere else that Microsoft can see, our options for letting you back in are all bad options. Be careful out there.