Season Two, We Will Miss You

As at least some of you have noticed, Mojang has officially announced that Minecraft 1.19 will arrive June 7. So does that mean that we reset on June 7? Nope! We have to wait until the plugins required to run VoidTree are also updated, and that usually takes about four weeks, barring any surprises.

Table of Contents

We plan to take Season 2 VoidTree down on

Thursday, July 7

and bring Season 3 up on

Tuesday, July 12

These dates are subject to change based on the progress of software updates and real-world commitments of the team.

Here is what you need to know.

Saving Your Stuff

It’s not possible to make the world download available to everyone because of its size. Multiple downloads would beat up our network connection and shove us right over our monthly data transfer limit, costing us money.

There are other options. For the remainder of the season you are permitted to use any mod that will allow you to save your stuff. There are lots of world downloaders out there that haven’t been updated to 1.18 and won’t work. We’ve taken a look at this one and think that it’ll work, though obviously we didn’t write it and can guarantee nothing. Keep an eye out for a blog post tomorrow illustrating how to use the tool. Litematica may also be useful.

In addition, we are releasing the Season 2 seed for everyone to do whatever they like with before the reset: -8137619694342170443

Go nuts.

Vote Packages Carry Over

To encourage people to keep voting, any unopened voting packages will persist across reset and can be opened once the new season starts. As we did last season, we are going to update material rewards to be appropriate for season start. That means no ancient debris for a bit. Instead you will find more items that come in handy when you don’t have all the things yet.

As always, you can redeem your voting rewards for XP or money. The amounts will not change.

Balance Changes

Based on our experiences last season, we’re making some changes. We’re going to keep you informed of these changes in blog posts. As always, the main web pages will be updated to reflect these changes, so you can go look up how things work.

We were looking at balance issues even before we heard rumors that people think our server is, well, easy. As you know, we have a policy to avoid taking things away from players. But a new season gives us a chance to improve game balance.

Pride Shears

Pride shears are powerful. They give you extra wool, extra colors of wool, and they never wear out. Wool farms are, well, overpowered. We are therefore lowering the number of wool blocks you get per shearing. You still get a small amount extra, but not as much.

We may adjust the number of wool blocks up or down depending on how our economy looks further into the season.

The number of candles you get from using shears on beehives will stay the same for now as those can’t be farmed.

Changes to /shop

We have removed from /shop some items that can be made from other items still for sale there. As a pleasant side-effect, there are fewer blocks to sort through when you are looking for the ones you need. The /shop is a convenience and was never meant to replace making items.

In addition, we currently plan to purchase the paid version of EconomyShopGUI. Paying for plugins was unthinkable a year ago, but we feel that it is appropriate given the regular support we get from our users. The paid version allows us to configure limits on /shop purchases per player and time period, which will improve balance and encourage more player-to-player shop activity while still allowing people to get the blocks they need to complete sacrifices or round out a build. The handy GUI for editing shop configuration without possibly blowing it up will be much welcomed, especially as I get to configure all of the item purchase limits.

Changes to Voting

For Season 2 players received rare voting rewards a random percent of the time based on their vote streak. This was unsatisfying for a couple of reasons.

  • It’s sad when your streak drops.
  • “Random” isn’t the same as “feels fair.” If you randomly get multiple rare rewards close together, you might get bored of them. If you get no rare rewards for a while, you might feel left out.

Therefore we have a new mechanism for rare rewards. You now receive a rare reward every 28 votes, which means that if you vote consistently and don’t make any typos when entering your name in voting sites you get a rare reward once a week. The rare reward is randomly determined. It might be a custom item. It might be a villager egg. You never know.

Money, XP and material rewards are still based on your streak level.

Changes to Altars

The VoidCoin flow into and out of altars has been revised.

  • Re-rolling a sacrifice now costs 5 VoidCoins.
  • The chance of getting a rare reward from completing a sacrifice has been reduced but increases with altar level.

Keep Newtown Lag-Free

We are adding an important rule for Newtown.

To keep Newtown lag-free for all, there will be no automated farms there. No redstone clocks, and keep your hoppers to a necessary few. If you would like to build a giant wool farm, there’s plenty of space in the wilderness.

End Opening Delayed

The End will be unavailable initially. The gods will be looking for signs that people have built bases and got decent gear before graciously permitting us to End Bust.

The opening of the End will be announced ahead of time so you can plan.

Start Small

Last season we pregenerated a world that was 15,000 blocks in all directions (or 30k x 30k). It used a lot of disk. This time we’re going to set a world boundary at 5,000 blocks in all directions (10k x 10k) and move the boundary out as the season progresses.

Keeping the world file size smaller may make it possible to put the world up for download at the end of season and will give us some needed flexibility.