Shop minigame enhancements

I think that virtual economy is the best Minecraft minigame ever. If you agree with me, you’ll really like the plugin we just installed.

If you have a chest shop, you’ve probably noticed that you get an alert whenever someone buys from it. You didn’t when you weren’t logged in, though. That’s just changed.

We’ve installed a plugin called Chest Shop Notifier that provides notifications of transactions when you log in, allows you to clear the transactions or keeps them around to check out later. If you sold something since your last login, you’ll get a message when you stop by. It will tell you that you can use the /csn history command to review your transactions. Typing /csn by itself will show you all the bells and whistles.

This plugin also does a bunch of stuff on the back end that will be useful to us later when we want to use information about goods that are bought and sold, so this is very exciting. If you’re into that sort of thing, anyway.

Edit: You can only see transactions since we installed the plugin today.