Solidified Support Policies

We’re moving towards Open Beta. That means we’re cleaning up bugs and looking busy. One overdue change is that we have codified our policies for supporting our players and written up a web page where you can all admire our coherence and commitment.

Before I post the link here, I wanted to emphasize that we know that even though Minecraft is just a game, people can feel real-life stress over, say, dying and losing their stuff. During Alpha and Closed Beta we’ve been generous helping people get stuff back. We recognize that many of you are returning to Minecraft after a long hiatus and aren’t familiar with all of the tools. Also, we know most of you from somewhere other than VoidTree. If a friend asks us for help, we want to do what we can.

Writing down policies that we promise to stick to will ensure that we are fair to everyone, including ourselves and new players who won’t get the “friend treatment.”

The new Support Policies page is live here. If you want a refresher, it’s in the menu for easy reference, right under the Rules page. We encourage you to discuss these policies with us in Discord. See you there.