Support Policies

We’re sure you read all of the rules when you joined and that you refresh your memory frequently by typing /rules in-game or looking at the rules page. But from time to time the same questions come up the answers to which don’t fit neatly in a hologram. We wanted to get some answers written down for reference, for both players and staff members.

When and how can I contact staff?

Do not private message staff on Discord asking for help. Anyone who is available to help you is reading #help on our Discord server. If you PM us, we’ll tell you to post in #help even if the same person answers you there. Save yourself some time.

If you don’t like the answer you get from one staff member, do not ask another staff member. We all talk, you know. We may talk about you.

While we will do our best to respond to posts in #help in a timely manner, staff at VoidTree is not a paying gig, and nobody is going to get out of bed to fix a problem in the game.

Did you find a possible bug? Post under #bug-reports on Discord. Remember that a bug you find might not be a bug at all. If it is a bug, it might be a bug in Minecraft or in one of the plugins we use that someone else wrote, that we can’t actually fix anymore than we can fix a bug in Microsoft Windows. That said, we’ve found some bugs in Towny that the Towny team has fixed in subsequent updates. If we can do something about the bug, we will.

Dying and losing all of your stuff is not a matter for staff attention.

This is survival Minecraft. The thrill of simulated danger isn’t there if we’re all invulnerable to consequences. If you aren’t prepared to replace all of your stuff, you might be happier on a server that has keepinventory set to on.

That said, here is some advice for how to minimize your losses.

  • Use a minimap mod that records the location of your last death.
  • Grind enough money and resources so you can replace your stuff if you lose it.
  • When you die, do not panic. You’re an adventurer, and this is an adventure.
  • Remember that items despawn after five minutes if the chunk is loaded. If nobody is there, the chunk isn’t loaded. If the chunk isn’t loaded, nothing will despawn.
  • Take some time to plan what you are going to do when you find your death location. Especially if piglins are wearing all your stuff.
  • Use fly potions to get somewhere quickly without an elytra. Fly potions are available from the Phantom vendor for five VoidCoins each.
  • Use invisibility potions to get past all the mobs that killed you the last time and are still there, waiting.
  • Eat an Almond Cake! Almond Cakes are available from the Phantom vendor for five VoidCoins. Eat one and everyone is your friend for twenty minutes, even creepers.
  • If all else fails, dying and losing all of your stuff is good for the game economy. Go shopping!

Some “exploits” are allowed. Some are absolutely forbidden.

Example: Getting to the Nether roof is a bug. Therefore anything that happens up there is technically an exploit. Why is this allowed?

  1. It doesn’t hurt anyone.
  2. It’s fun.

Example: AFK pools, macro programs, or putting a rock on your mouse button are forbidden. Why?

Defeating the AFK mechanism soaks up RAM that by rights belongs to people who are interacting with the game with their butts in their desk chairs. RAM, if you’ve been paying attention, costs us money if we want to keep the server running smoothly. It’s inevitable that our costs will go up when more people play, but let’s put this off, OK?

That said, if you want to pay us a lot of money for the privilege of putting a rock on your mouse button, talk to us. We can probably work something out.

The /shop has specific purposes.

If VoidTree had a hundred players, we’d have user shops that buy and sell everything, and the only problem would be finding it. Until then /shop helps fill in an important role for the economy.

EconomyShopGUI comes with a config file that lists almost every item that exists in the game with default prices for these items. Usually you can buy an item from the shop for 5x the amount you can sell it for. We’re assuming that the fine folks who wrote this plug-in have more experience with how it works than we do, so we are going with the default prices in almost every case.

The items that the shop will let you buy and sell are curated to make your life easier without removing all the challenges of survival mode.

We will add items to /shop that users request if we feel it does not unbalance the game. We’re unlikely to make small changes to prices. If it is too hard or easy to get money, we’ll tune the economy in general rather than item prices one at a time unless game balance is effected.

Example: You can buy redstone dust and quartz from the shop, but you can’t buy observers or lamps, because you can make those items easily from other things /shop sells. Maybe someone will make a shop that sells redstone items ready-made. Maybe that person is you.

Example: Diamonds can’t be sold to the shop. If you manage to defeat modern anti-X-ray plugin magic and get a lot of diamonds, they’re just pretty rocks.

Example: In a public Minecraft where we played, reselling items that you bought from a shop was forbidden because once upon a time an enterprising player bought out all the beacons and raised the prices. We think there are better ways of handling this. If you succeed in cornering the market on a particular resource in VoidTree, you’ll log in the next day to find out that /shop is undercutting you.

Taking stuff away from players is the last resort.

I’m sure every one of you have had something taken away from you by a game administrator in a manner that felt capricious and unfair.

Us too.

Whenever we make a configuration decision, including those that affect server performance, we will minimize the chance that you’ll lose stuff.

Example: Most public Minecraft servers use an entity limiter that prevents lag by deleting more than a few mobs. A not-uncommon result is for someone to log in and discover that a bunch of their villagers–representing a substantial investment in time and effort–are gone. It sucks. In the interest of avoiding suck, our mob limiter has a really light hand. We may not be able to keep it that way forever depending on how our users behave. Comport yourself accordingly. In any case, changes to the mob limiter will be communicated immediately.

Example: Stuff lost to a bug or a misconfiguration that we can confirm is our responsibility will be restored as of the last backup.

Note: Flying head-first into a wall at full-speed is not a bug or a misconfiguration.