Bug Fixes and New Toys

Altar Updates

  • Fixed a bug that occurred if your town was deleted due to nonpayment and you started a new town.
  • The gods of VoidTree are fickle, but sometimes they notice when you make a sacrifice. Added a small percentage chance of receiving a random reward when you complete a sacrifice. Note: right now you might not get a reward if your inventory is full. We have plans to change this, but you are warned.
  • New boon: Blessing of the Slime. If this boon is on, you will not take fall damage inside of your town. You will bounce. Try it. It’s fun! Just make sure if you throw yourself off a roof you land inside your town.

Custom Item Changes

  • New Item! Foliage Axe. You’re a lumberjack and you’re OK!
  • TAB fix: added code that prevents TAB from breaking containers.

Voting Rewards Changes

I get to make changes like these because Sollybird took the time to abstract rewards into a configuration file. Don’t worry too much about what that means. The upshot is that I can edit a plain text file and add rewards any time I want without bothering Solly. We can jigger the probability of any particular reward showing up. The changes to rewards can take effect without rebooting the server.

Here’s what I added:

  • All types of coral blocks. Coral is non-renewable (though you can buy it from /shop for lots of money). What do you do with coral blocks? If you don’t want to build a pretty aquarium and don’t need the money you’d get from selling them right away, hold onto them. Ocean altars request coral blocks. If you don’t have an ocean altar, you can always sell the blocks to someone who does for more than you’d get from /shop.
  • Packed ice. You can get it yourself, but it’s tedious, and you need a lot of packed ice for a nether road.

Got an idea for a voting reward? Let us know on Discord.


Custom Code Updates

Our custom code works fine with Minecraft 1.18. Thus Solly has been concentrating on adding features requested by players as well as completing some wish list items that didn’t make it in last season.


Voting is an important way for us to attract new users and reward our existing users for bringing VoidTree to life. Our voting plugin is mostly custom code, which means that nobody else will fix our problems, but we get to do whatever we want with it. We’ve made some small changes to keep voting fun.

  • The streak mechanism rewards daily voting, but we recognize that the real world can be more important than gaming, and voting sites can be confusing. The vote window has been increased to 48 hours. That’s right. You now have two days to remember to vote daily.
  • When you type /vote now, you get information about when you last voted and when your streak will reset.
  • This information also appears when you log in.


No other Minecraft server has altars right now. It’s ours. This may change in the future. Open source code is a big reason why Minecraft servers are so much fun. Solly has been adding features, fixing bugs, and adding structure and documentation so that when this code is mature other servers may try it out and contribute fixes and new features. Meanwhile, we have some new utilities.

  • Now you can type /altar to see a short list of commands:
    • /altar log shows you what sacrifices have been made at your town altar and who made them.
    • /altar listsacrifices (also /altar sacrifices) shows you what sacrifices any altars in your town currently require. Use this command to refresh your memory when you go shopping in Newtown for items to please the gods.
    • /altar help gives the same output as /altar (at least for now).
  • Several bugs, spurious error messages and permissions issues have been fixed.
  • Now when you level up your altars, the entire server can see and admire your hard work.
  • A tool for staff, /refreshsacrifices, has been fixed and re-enabled so we can use it to test and improve balance.

Phantom Events

Finally we’ve made some small but significant changes to our showpiece, Phantom Events.

  • We increased the difficulty back to what it was at the end of last season. This increase reflects the fact that most people have full netherite armor.
  • What happens when you die has changed to make this a no-risk event.
    • When you die, you land in front of the Phantom Arena so you can run right back in and wreck havoc on the evil invaders.
    • You don’t lose experience or drop your items when you die.
    • There are still some obscure bugs to work out when people die in unusual ways. If you hit one of those, you’ll land back in bed. Your drops are still protected, so /warp phantomarena and grab your stuff. If you run into problems, let us know so we can hunt down the bugs.
  • Events are automatically scheduled.
  • We no longer have to set the entire server to nighttime for an event.
  • Phantom events now end automatically 25 minutes after they start (events last about 15 minutes). This change plus automatic scheduling and updates to the arena mean that we can set up an event to happen at any time. If you want an event to happen outside of prime time, just let us know and we’ll set you up. An event by yourself may be lonely, but it’s also very lucrative.


Pick Fixes

Breaking bedrock is a powerful magic. Therefore we added to our plans a pick that will break bedrock but have limited uses. I’ve played on other public Minecraft servers with similar items, so I’m confident that it will be useful but not overpowered.

We don’t have a timeframe for this pick yet, but I’m hoping the coding effort involved is small enough for Solly to do in an evening.


New Spawn Eggs

We have a list of creature spawn eggs that we are considering putting up for sale. You get to choose which eggs.

What type of spawn eggs would you like to see in Winter’s inventory? Use this link to vote. Choose as many as you like and then click ‘Vote.’ The top two will be added to the phantom vendor inventory for players to buy with VoidCoins.


Shop minigame enhancements

If you have a chest shop, you’ve probably noticed that you get an alert whenever someone buys from it. You didn’t when you weren’t logged in, though. That’s just changed.

We’ve installed a plugin called Chest Shop Notifier that provides notifications of transactions when you log in, allows you to clear the transactions or keeps them around to check out later. If you sold something since your last login, you’ll get a message when you stop by. It will tell you that you can use the /csn history command to review your transactions. Typing /csn by itself will show you all the bells and whistles.

This plugin also does a bunch of stuff on the back end that will be useful to us later when we want to use information about goods that are bought and sold, so this is very exciting. If you’re into that sort of thing, anyway.

Edit: You can only see transactions since we installed the plugin today.


New this week

We increased the town upkeep from $100/day to $200/day, and we have a new custom item to announce.

In honor of our good friend McAlmond, we announce:

Almond cake

  • 5 coins.
  • Single use,
  • Makes mobs peaceful to you and you peaceful to them.
  • Satisfies the same amount of hunger as eating an entire cake.
  • The effects end if you die.

Chest Shop Count Available

Did you know that reading configuration files can be fun and profitable? Look what I found out how to do.

We added the count of an item remaining in a chest shop to the sign. C is the total item count. Q refers to the quantity that you are purchasing for the price on the third line.

The sign does not update to add C until the shop owner opens the chest.

Chest Shop sign with quantity included.

Changes to /shop, Phantom vendor, vote rewards.


Bottles were there originally but removed because of the insomnia potion mechanic, which essentially provided free bottles. Solly changed it so that insomnia potion bottles went poof when you drank, so they’re back.

In case you were wondering, the /shop comes with a huge config file that prices out pretty much everything in the game. Unless there is a reason to do otherwise, we use the recommended prices for items under the assumption that the plugin writers have put more thought and experience into it than we could manage ourselves.

Phantom Vendor

Zombie, fox and spider spawn eggs are available from the Phantom vendor for VoidCoins. If this mechanic works out the way we expect, more may be added in the future.

Rare Vote Rewards

There is now a chance that you will get a single legendary item as a rare voting rewards. If you end up with multiples of one item, you can reforge it at the Legendary Blacksmith.


Towny Configuration Changes

Upkeep is up and tax-exemptions are gone.

Town upkeep is now $100/calendar day. We expect that because you can get up to $2000 from voting, this amount won’t be a burden. We’ll be raising upkeep a couple of times until we feel comfortable with the balance.

Mayors, assistants and co-mayors are no longer tax exempt. This will help you keep your books balanced. Besides, you can always embezzle from your own town.