Pick Fixes

I would like to thank Blucas/Bluedummy who told us that the TAB can break bedrock. We just patched that out. But I have some good news.

Breaking bedrock is a powerful magic. Therefore we added to our plans a pick that will break bedrock but have limited uses. I’ve played on other public Minecraft servers with similar items, so I’m confident that it will be useful but not overpowered.

We don’t have a timeframe for this pick yet, but I’m hoping the coding effort involved is small enough for Solly to do in an evening.


New this week

We increased the town upkeep from $100/day to $200/day, and we have a new custom item to announce.

In honor of our good friend McAlmond, we announce:

Almond cake

  • 5 coins.
  • Single use,
  • Makes mobs peaceful to you and you peaceful to them.
  • Satisfies the same amount of hunger as eating an entire cake.
  • The effects end if you die.

Own an Ender Blade? Read This.

Following some exciting unintended consequences, we removed the teleport ability from the Ender Blade while you are in the End until we can convince it not to throw you into the Void.

Temperamental, that Ender Blade.

Please remember that our custom items are in beta. Be patient while we clean up any problems.


Updates to the Ender Blade

Solly has added a new feature to the Ender Blade, the first of a few threatened updates. If you tame an Ender Blade by feeding it 10,000 souls (killing 10,000 mobs), then you can control the direction in which it teleports you; i.e. presumably not into lava.

The patch is live on the server now.

If you have an Ender Blade currently, ask a staff member (me or Solly) to replace it with the new, tameable one for you.