Voting Stats

Season Two is here, and pretty much everyone has been voting regularly. We keep a database of information about player’s votes for three reasons. The first is so that we can make sure players have the right number of packages and streak level. The second is to balance the rewards to make sure they’re all appealing. The third, of course, is a bit more selfish:

Stats are fucking cool, okay?

Periodically I find myself looking at the voting stats just to see how they’ve changed. It’s interesting to watch it evolve over time, and some of the charts can be quite pretty.

A breakdown of average voter reward choices, including data from both Season One and the beginning of Season Two

The chart above shows the way that players choose their payout for their voting reward packages, on average. It’s been interesting to watch it evolve; last season the Material section was a lot larger. We diluted the material reward pool so that it wasn’t just diamonds and ancient debris, and since then much more people have been choosing monetary or experience instead. Ultimately though, the way that someone chooses to open their voting package is a personal choice — so how do each of our players choose their voter payouts?

A histogram showing how frequently each player chooses each of the voting reward categories. See if you can figure out which player you are.

Of course, voting serves another purpose besides getting in-game rewards for players. Every vote makes us slightly higher on Minecraft server listing sites, and increases the chance that new people can find our small server. We’re currently rank 84 on, rank 987 on, and rank 180 on’s land claim section.

Every vote helps! Thank you for helping us find new players.