New this week

We increased the town upkeep from $100/day to $200/day, and we have a new custom item to announce.

In honor of our good friend McAlmond, we announce:

Almond cake

  • 5 coins.
  • Single use,
  • Makes mobs peaceful to you and you peaceful to them.
  • Satisfies the same amount of hunger as eating an entire cake.
  • The effects end if you die.

Towny Configuration Changes

Upkeep is up and tax-exemptions are gone.

Town upkeep is now $100/calendar day. We expect that because you can get up to $2000 from voting, this amount won’t be a burden. We’ll be raising upkeep a couple of times until we feel comfortable with the balance.

Mayors, assistants and co-mayors are no longer tax exempt. This will help you keep your books balanced. Besides, you can always embezzle from your own town.


Towny Upkeep and Rent

We thought that town upkeep and rent were deducted every Minecraft day, but they’re deducted every calendar day. Oops.

I’m about to update all web site information to reflect reality.

Also, that means we’re only charging $10 per calendar day for town upkeep when we thought we were charging $720. Since you can easily get $2000/day from voting alone, we will probably need to increase the cost of town upkeep. We will do this gradually and will make an announcement first.


Your town configuration

We’ve increased the maximum price you can charge visitors to your town from $10 to $1000. It now costs $100 to visit Duck Mountain. In response, someone has already threatened to build an entire nether road system. This I have to see.