The Future’s Uncertain but the End is Always Near

The End Opens

We’re opening the End to players after the Phantom invasion of Saturday, July 23rd. The event is at 3PM EST US. Opening the end will require a quick reboot after the event.

Solly Steps Down

We all had our motivations for starting a public Minecraft Server. Solly wanted to write code that people could use to have more fun. He succeeded. On the way he took on several other important duties, including maintaining the financial spreadsheet that proves that I’m losing money on this project and doing arcane things with CSS. But one of the original stipulations for the project is that it couldn’t interfere with real life. Solly has decided that it’s time for him to step back from Minecraft now that we’ve made the transition to 1.19 and the server is stable.

There will be no further updates to our custom code base, no bug fixes and no new features. Fortunately Solly writes good code, so we expect Phantom Events, Altars and custom items to keep working through the next major Minecraft update, whenever that may be.