VoidTree makes use of a plugin called Towny in order to manage claims and allow players to safeguard their builds from griefers. Towns allow players to congregate together in settlements and control how the world works in these settlements. Players can unite their towns together under a nation, or remain city-states.

New players welcome!

New players automatically join Newtown. Claim a plot there, or carve your own town out of the wilderness.

Using Towny can be a little daunting at first. There are resources online that help introduce players to the plugin’s function. We’ve provided links to some of these resources below. If you still have questions about how to use Towny, feel free to ask a staff member or other players on the server.

List of Towny commands
Written guide

Towny Settings You Need to Know

  • We have two custom Towny roles on VoidTree. You can make your own any time, but you’ll probably need to know about these.
    • high-priest: Anyone with this role has permission to change altar settings. The mayor always has permissions, but you may want to give altar permissions to someone.
    • comayor: Someone with this role has every permission that the mayor does except for assigning the co-mayor role to another citizen.
  • price_new_town: 250.0
  • price_nation_upkeep: 100.0 The server’s daily fee on each nation. If a nation fails to pay this upkeep, all of its member towns are kicked and the Nation is removed.
  • price_town_upkeep: 200.0 The server’s (calendar) daily fee on each town. If a town fails to pay this upkeep, all of its residents are kicked and the town is removed.

Towny Gets Weird at Chunk Boundaries

Towny chunk boundary error
Towny chunk boundary error

Trees and water go strange at chunk boundaries. If your trees are growing like this, or your water doesn’t flow, make sure to claim the chunks on either side and that the chunks have the same owner.

You can see the chunk boundaries by holding down F3 and pressing G. Doing so a second time toggles boundaries off.

Chests Are Double-Locked

Towny locks doors and chests under “switch” permissions. Obviously you might want to let people in your doors but not your chests. While you have to lock and unlock chests using /lock and /unlock, you may still need to take an extra step to give people access to unlocked chests.

/res set perm switch on

Once you run this command, any chests you set down in a Towny plot will potentially be available, if they are also unlocked.