Updates and Bug Bounty Announcement

We are pleased to announce some incremental improvements, fixes and new features. We would also like to make official our in-game bug bounty program.


  • We added a new type of phantom to our Phantom Event. It introduced a new bug. (I’m not saying any more in case you haven’t seen it yet. Be surprised.) We fixed the bug. We also introduced a new bug, but we fixed that one too. Yay us! And by us, I mean Solly.
  • The bug that causes flight potions to deactivate when you teleport between dimensions has been fixed.
  • Added logging for VoidCoin purchases from Winter and reforging of custom items at the Legendary Blacksmith. You won’t see this, but we will use information about how people use Legendary items in order to improve the game.
  • VoidCoins can no longer be placed so they don’t accidentally get turned into mundane sunflowers.
  • Taylor, the fox with the food stall near the Phantom Arena, now sells food items, mostly items that are already available from /shop for the same prices. There are a couple of new items, though. Right click Taylor for details.
  • Altars can no longer have two instances of the same boon selected.
  • Progress has been made on the bug that causes people to die a normal death during Phantom Events rather than being dropped at the arena entrance. This bug has proven very slippery because we haven’t been able to reproduce in test situations every last way that people can die. If the bug bites you, be sure to say something in chat for when Solly reviews the logs.

VoidTree Bug Bounty

If you find a bug, you win virtual cash from us. The minimum cash award is $25,000, which is the same amount that the first place winner for the Phantom Event receives. There are some conditions.

  • It has to be a bug that we can fix ourselves. Bugs in Minecraft that only Microsoft can fix do not count.
  • You have to post about the bug in #bugs on Discord. Telling us in-game doesn’t count.
  • It has to be a bug we didn’t already know about. Don’t worry, there are probably plenty of those.