Using ChestShop

Shop with red, black and white and dark wood block scheme
Castironduck’s Newtown shop, Season 1

Players have the option to buy items from the server shop, but it is often cheaper and more profitable to buy and sell items with other players. Using chest shops doesn’t require both players to be at the same place and prevents someone from taking an item and forgetting to pay.

How do I set up a chest shop?

Blank chest

To get started, place down a chest. Make sure that you have a sign handy.

A sign with sample formatting

Place your sign on or next to the chest. Format it as follows:

Line 1: Empty
Line 2: The number of items to buy/sell with one click
Line 3: The buy/sell price, in the format shown on the sign. Additional formats are shown at the bottom of this page. Note: the underscore ( _ ) is the insertion point. Don’t type an underscore. Also Note: only put a colon (:) between a buy and sell price, if you have both. Don’t put it after the B or the S.
Line 4: A question mark

A chest-shop whose item has not yet been set

Hold the item that you wish to buy/sell in your hand. Right-click the sign while holding the item.

A chest-shop whose item has been set

The sign will automatically update itself to reflect the item that you have set it to buy/sell.

Note: if you have already placed the item in the chest, the chest shop will replace the ? with the item for you and you won’t have to click with the item.

A chest-shop with 35 cooked steak inside of it

If players are allowed to buy items from your shop, open the chest and place items in it. When players right-click the chest, it will sell the number of items on the sign to the player.

A chest-shop with nothing inside of it

If your shop allows players to sell items to it, make sure that there is empty space inside the chest so that it can be filled with items when player sell them to you. Additionally, use /bal to make sure that you have enough money to pay for the items you are buying.

How do I use someone else’s chest shop?

  • To buy items from another player’s chest shop, right-click the sign. The money will be taken from your account and used to purchase the items.
  • To sell items to another player’s chest shop, left-click the sign. The money will be taken from their account and added to yours, and the items will appear in your inventory.

Chest Shop Examples

A shop that allows players to buy 1 quartz for $10
A shop that allows players to sell 3 diamonds for $300
A shop that allows players to buy 1 copper block for $100, or sell it for $50