Using Our Ko-fi

Ko-fi (pronounced coffee, as in “buy me a”) is a one-time donation platform that allows you to support us without having to manage a subscription. Like Patreon, you can transfer money to us without sharing any real-name details. There are two different ways to support us through Ko-fi: a “tip” of $10 or a purchase from the shop. Similar to how we set up our Patreon, the virtual store offers five different kits as one-time awards:

  • Cow Kit: $5
  • Fish Bowl: $10
You are purchasing a Fish Bowl, which includes a tropical fish spawn egg, x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = r^2's (Hearts of the Sea), Red Armless Gremlins (salmon), Entire Circuses (clownfish), Vinegarized Sea Cucumbers (sea pickles), Sea "grass" (sea grass, honest), Tan Armless Gumbo Precursor (codfish), Spiky Balloons (pufferfish) and 120 voidcoins.
  • Bee Kit: $15

Where do I click?


Please Note

Support payments are processed into Minecraft by hand. Duck will let you know when you can use the /dessert command in-game to claim your toys, or check by typing /kits.