VoidTree Custom Items

VoidTree offers legendary items for the discerning adventurer. Legendary items are provided with absolutely no warranty, especially not the creeper fireworks which should be set off only out of doors, far away from civilization, other players or bodies of water.

Did you get duplicate legendary items? Reforge two items into one at the Legendary Forge. You are guaranteed to get something different.

Panda Smith at Legendary Forge
Panda smith at legendary forge

Almond cake

  • 5 coins.
  • Single use.
  • Makes mobs peaceful to you and you peaceful to them.
  • Satisfies the same amount of hunger as eating an entire cake.
  • The effects end if you die.

Flight potion

  • 5 coins.
  • Fly as though you were in creative mode for 20 minutes.
  • Give phantoms a taste of their own medicine.
  • Build roofs in style.
  • Ends with 30 seconds of slow fall.
  • If you drink multiple flight potions, the durations stack.

Slayer Sword

  • 50 coins.
  • Netherite sword with max enchantments.
  • Deals Sharpness V damage to most mobs, Smite V damage to undead mobs.
  • Get extra loot from undead mobs.
  • Right-click to smite nearby undead mobs with cleansing flame.
  • Only kills monsters.
  • CANNOT be enchanted further.
  • Can be reforged at the Legendary Blacksmith.


  • 50 coins.
  • Bow.
  • Disables creeper AI for 5 seconds upon hit.
  • Comes with mending and infinity.
  • Can be enchanted further.
  • Can be reforged at the Legendary Blacksmith.

Creeper Firework

  • 1 coin.
  • Creeper-shaped firework explosion with green and lime colors. Fades to gray.
  • Power 2.
  • Spawns between 5 and 14 creepers in a 10-block radius from the explosion point.
  • Always spawns creepers at the height where the firework explodes.
  • Creepers have 0.1 hp (1/20th of a heart).

Ender Blade

  • 50 coins.
  • Netherite sword with mending and unbreaking 3.
  • On right-click, teleports player to a random position up to 10 blocks away in any direction, including up to 10 blocks upwards so long as there is a block below that position.
  • If it can’t find a free location at that position, it keeps searching downwards until it finds one.
  • It’s possible that it could teleport the player into nearby lava. You are warned.
  • 15 second cooldown.
  • Can be enchanted further.
  • Can be reforged at the Legendary Blacksmith.

Subdued Ender Blade

  • Valued at 100 coins. Not purchasable.
  • Obtained by killing 10,000 mobs with an Ender Blade.
  • On crouch-right-click, teleports the player up to 32 blocks in the direction they are facing.
  • 15 second cooldown.
  • Can be enchanted further.
  • Can be reforged at the Legendary Blacksmith.

Fancy Pants

  • 25 coins.
  • Golden leggings.
  • 30% chance to dodge projectiles such as arrows.
  • If you dodge, the projectile will seem to bounce off of you.
  • You will not take damage from projectiles nor knockback.
  • Can be reforged at the Legendary Blacksmith.

Lava Walkers

  • 50 coins.
  • Netherite boots with the following enchantments.
    • Mending
    • Unbreaking 3
    • Feather Falling 4
    • Fire Protection 4
    • Soul Speed 3
    • Thorns 3
  • CANNOT be enchanted further.
  • Replaces lava source blocks (not flowing lava) in a 4-block radius from the player with obsidian, provided that the lava-source blocks are at the same y-level as the blocks under the player’s feet.
  • After 5 seconds, the obsidian becomes lava again.
  • Do NOT stand still over lava with these. If you don’t keep moving, the obsidian will turn back to lava.
  • Can be reforged at the Legendary Blacksmith.

Pride Shears

  • 10 coins.
  • When used on a sheep, causes the sheep to drop between 3 and 7 pieces of wool straight to your inventory, all of a single, randomly-chosen color.
  • When used on a beehive, causes the hive to drop between 3 and 7 candles of a single random color into your inventory. Will not work in a dispenser.
  • Can be reforged at the Legendary Blacksmith.

Insomnia Potion

  • Free.
  • Sets the time since the player last slept to a very long time ago to draw the attention of phantoms.

Void Coins

  • Rewards for services to the realm.
  • May be exchanged for other legendary items at the vendor in the Phantom arena.