VoidTree Non-Easter Non-Egg Hunt

In our ongoing effort to bring you new ways to have fun without having to code them from scratch, we’ve hidden thirty non-Easter non-eggs around spawn. If people have enough fun, we’ll do it next season.

Egg Hunt Sign
Egg Hunt Sign

There are thirty signs that look more or less like this hidden around spawn. Right click a sign and though the magic of Essentials kits you will get a prize delivered to your inventory.

Things to know

  • Empty your inventory first. If you don’t have inventory space, stuff will get dropped on the ground.
  • You collect an “egg” by right-clicking on a sign. You can right-click any sign exactly once.
  • You don’t need an elytra or other special equipment to get to any sign.
  • Signs are frequently obscured, but not hidden behind anything opaque.
  • Signs hidden in dark places have a light source near them, but the entire path to them might not be lit.
  • Yes, you’re allowed to cooperate and share information. If you post locations on discord, put them behind spoilers.
  • As always, report bugs in #bug-reports.