VoidTree Season 2 Is Here!

We would like you to be aware of things that are different between the old world and the new one. There will not be a quiz, but if you aren’t paying attention and fall down a huge hole and lose all of your stuff, we will have a sad. Please don’t make us sad.

Stuff that’s different in Minecraft 1.18

  • This is the Caves and Cliffs update. That means, well, caves and cliffs. And sinkholes. Really, really big sinkholes. Sometimes sinkholes appear under a thin layer of dirt, waiting to suck you in when you dig. That includes under Newtown. Watch your step.
  • Many of us have come to rely on the mod Voxelmap, which hasn’t been updated for 1.18. We’ve been using Xaero’s Minimap and Xaero’s Worldmap. They take a bit of getting used to, but I have come to like them better than Voxelmap. Hit Y for settings.

Stuff that we changed in VoidTree

  • We have more different material voting rewards. We added a bunch of items that are useful for game startup. Voting rewards will change appropriately as the season progresses.
  • You can get another new player kit from the Rules Hall. You can go to the rules hall by typing /warp rules-hall.
  • Achievements are reset.
  • Phantom events will have slightly reduced difficulty for a while. They were tuned to assume that everyone is wearing full netherite. Since that won’t be the case yet, we changed the difficulty. We can change the difficulty because Sollybird is an awesome coder.
  • There are some evolutionary changes to Phantom Events and the Arena for balance and fun. Most notably the phantom targeting is changed so that phantoms that hit the edge of the arena are sent to the center, so we don’t have to have barrier blocks.
  • Our Season 2 overworld has been pre-generated. Pregeneration guarantees us better performance when multiple people are traversing the world. The trade-off is that our world is now bounded; you can’t travel forever. The overworld is 30k by 30k blocks, though spawn is not in the dead center. When you hit the edge, you’ll see a striped barrier.
  • The flight potion duration has been changed to ten minutes.
  • The Altar system continues to evolve, and is ready when you want new goals for play.

Special Acknowledgement

Bringing VoidTree forward to Minecraft 1.18 involved a lot of work behind the scenes. Much of that work was done by MindfulProtons. Most of the time Proton’s job is like light. You need it for everything else to exist, and you don’t notice it until it fails. When you run into Proton, be excellent to him.