VoidTree Status

VoidTree is currently in closed beta. Help us by kicking the tires and suggesting changes. Apply to be allow listed. We’ll be finalizing game balance in our custom code and server settings and working on getting our voting plug-in online.


VoidTree reboots automatically every night at 3:00AM US Eastern Time (07:00 UTC). You will get kicked to the lobby briefly, then automatically reconnected. Pay attention to the reboot announcements as flying during a reboot is an easy way to die and lose all of your stuff.

Updates which require reboots happen regularly Monday afternoons, though the exact time and day may change depending on real-world commitments. Again, pay attention to announcements.

Finally, while we’re in closed beta we may reboot at any time to update and test custom content. We’ll check in with people who are playing and post in Discord before we pull the world out from under you.

Server Reset

New versions of Minecraft offer new blocks! To take full advantage of a new version, it is necessary to start over from scratch with a newly-generated world. Like most public servers, VoidTree will reset entirely about every six months or when new Minecraft versions are stable.

So when is reset?

Minecraft 1.18 is expected to arrive “late in 2021.” Most plugins that VoidTree relies on to make life comfortable won’t be updated until about four weeks after that. In addition, we have to re-write our custom code for Phantom events and other features, generate a new world and build (or rebuild) spawn and other locations.

So I have to start over from scratch?

We’ll be discussing whether players can take anything with them during the migration when we get closer to the big day. Meanwhile, we’re interested to know your opinions.

We can help you download copies of your builds to your own machine to play with later.