Vote early, vote often.

This post is to give you a peek behind the scenes at voting. Voting is something that you tend not to notice until you forget it or something goes wrong.

Those who have been with us for a couple of months may recall that we’ve had ongoing problems with votes registering properly. I used to get problems with vote sites saying “not found” when I tried to vote. Those problems have not recurred since we moved from managed hosting to Linode. It may be that Linode has more robust internal networking than managed hosters do, though this wouldn’t be hard. We’re hoping that the vote trouble is gone, but there may be a new problem some day. Keep us posted.

A while back I asked Solly to store voting results in the database to help us solve voting problems and to see how people use our software. He used that information to make a beautiful graph.

Graph of voting reward choices
Voting Reward Choices

Finally, I wanted everyone to see some more of the work that is normally invisible.

Commit comments on our github repository.
Commit comments on our github repository.

Admire Solly’s lovely and highly informative commit comments!