How and Why to Vote

By voting you are connecting other web sites not run by VoidTree and telling them that you like our server. Lists of popular Minecraft servers are created based on these votes. You probably heard about VoidTree from one of these lists, so obviously voting is a big deal. Every day you can vote for us on four different Minecraft sites and get four chances to win prizes.

In-Game Voting Commands

VoidTree makes use of a custom voting plugin that gives us new ways to use voting.

  • /vote Gives you a link to this page.
  • /streak Tells you what your vote streak is. Vote every day to increase it.
  • /packages Tells you how many packages are waiting for you to open them.
  • /openpackage Gives you the interface to open your packages and choose your fabulous prizes.

To encourage you to vote, we provide rewards for each and every vote. When you vote, you get a voting package that you can open with /openpackage. You can choose which form you want your reward to take — either Monetary, Material, or Experience.

Voting UI, showing reward choices
Voting Package pop-up

Voting Streaks

You get something every time you vote. Your rewards increase if you vote every day. Voting more than two days in a row will give you a two-day streak, and your streak increases every day along with your rewards. However, if you go more than 36 hours without voting, your streak will get reset back to zero. Tracking voting streaks allows us to reward our most dedicated players.

You can check your voting streak any time by typing /streak.

Rewards are separated into 5 levels by streak, described below. While we are in the beta phase, this is subject to frequent change.

MonetaryMaterialExperienceRare Reward Bonus Chance
Level 1 (Streak < 5)$5004-6 coral blocks
4-6 packed ice
2-3 golden carrots
1 ancient debris
1 diamond
25 XP+0%
Level 2 (Streak > 5)$6006-8 coral blocks
6-8 packed ice
2-4 golden carrots
1 ancient debris
1-2 diamonds
50 XP+15%
Level 3 (Streak > 18)$7508-10 coral blocks
8-10 packed ice
3-4 golden carrots
1-2 ancient debris
1-2 diamonds
75 XP+25%
Level 4 (Streak > 48)$1,00012-16 coral blocks
12-16 packed ice
3-5 golden carrots
1-2 ancient debris
3-4 diamonds
100 XP+50%
Level 5 (Streak > 150)$1,25016-20 coral blocks
16-20 packed ice
64 golden carrots
8-12 golden apples
2-5 ancient debris
4-6 diamonds
150 XP+100%

Rare Voting Rewards

We have a new mechanism for rare rewards. You now receive a rare reward every 28 votes, which means that if you vote consistently and don’t make any typos when entering your name in voting sites you get a rare reward once per week. The rare reward is randomly determined. It might be a custom item. It might be a villager egg. It might be VoidCoins. You never know. Enjoy your reward for helping out the server.