Welcome to the Next Level

VoidTree Season 3 is now up! Yes, in fact, we gave ourselves more time than we needed to do a lot of work. Nothing went terribly wrong, so we’re open now!


Oh, you want lore? Let me see….

As the valiant defenders drifted away, the phantoms grew bolder. They attacked without warning and, worse, refused to leave. Soon they’d emptied the drinks cabinet, eaten all the chips, filled the sink with dirty dishes, and were hogging the bathroom.

The defenders retreated to the safety of the spawn under-temple, which made a lot of loud TARDIS-like gronking noises, took off from the old universe, and landed in a new one where all are invited to join and build in safety. Free beer!

Patreon Kit Updates

We’ve updated our Patreon Kits to have fewer custom items and more redstone components. The reasoning behind the change is that receiving the same custom item all the time gets old, but our players seem to soak up all the redstone components they can get their clever little hands upon.

Starting Small

At the very beginning the world will be much smaller than it was last season. It will get bigger. These changes are based on current wisdom about the messy art of Minecraft performance tuning and our own experiences. If you have explored the entire world and not found that perfect mushroom island, don’t worry. There will be more world to check out soon.

The End will become available in about two weeks.

Report Issues in Discord

As always, report bugs and other difficulties in the correct Discord channels. If you tell us something in game, we reserve the right to forget it instantly.

Now I’m going to go have a beer. See you in game!