Why Play Here?

Fight mobs.

An ice and amethyst arena, floating castle in the background
Phantom Arena Season 2. Tutorial Castle in the background.

VoidTree offers all the excitement and explosions you’ve come to expect from Minecraft, along with custom boss fights.

Server PvE events at these times:

  • 3:00 UTC Wednesday (22:00, 10 PM Eastern US)
  • 20:00 UTC Saturday (15:00, 3 PM Eastern US)
  • Other times according to popular demand. See Discord for details.

Dress to kill.

Be a virtual capitalist.

Some shops at night. Shopkeepers attempt to attract your business with interesting builds.
Shopkeepers attempt to attract your business with interesting builds.

Sell your excess resources to other players or to /shop for cash to pay your Town upkeep and to buy rare blocks. Once you’ve got a base and gear, you can set up your own chest shops and open for business.

Build in peace.

New Berlin. Player and villager homes. Stone and oxidized copper with various woods.
New Berlin Castle, Community center, and village. Survival builds.

Protect your builds with Towny. If you run out of a hard-to-find block, check the /shop for an infinite supply (just add money!) Work outside at night without getting knocked off the roof by phantoms.

Discover something new.

Agriculture altar. The gods are pleased.
Agriculture Altar showing UI elements.

We have content that you won’t see anywhere else. We can promise that because we wrote it.

Rock-Solid Stability, Exceptional Performance.

Not Really a Server Room. Sugar cane farm.
Our server room. Really.

After some frustrating experiences with managed Minecraft hosting, we moved VoidTree to Linode, the gold standard in professional Linux hosting. We are delighted to report that since the move we have adjusted configuration to prevent out of memory crashes, and our mysterious dropped vote problems have vanished.

Professional quality hosting gives our server exceptional performance that you will notice immediately. Our world is pre-generated, and VoidTree runs on “stupidly fast” PaperMC.

Change the World.

VoidTree is in Beta. That means we’re still building, configuring and planning. We also listen to our players. If you want something, it won’t unbalance the game, and it’s easy to do, you might get what you ask for right away.

Enjoy socializing.

We have a hot tub.

A collection of scruffy players on the edge of a hottub
Tutorial Castle hot tub garden